Harsha Narayana


I’ve been contemplating on starting a personal tech blog/space for a while and looks like the Coronavirus lockdown has finally motivated me into starting one and this blog is the result. Now that we are here, might as well tell you a bit about me and let you decide if you want to continue to browse my blogs here or move away into watching that paused Netflix show in Tab #34 of your browser.

I’ve spent the last decade of my life developing softwares and tools that are being employed in a wide rage of domains including Database, Transportation and Networking. Currently, I am working for Cisco building an Enterprise grade on-premise Kubernetes cluster which is the base platform on which Cisco DNA Center solutions are being built.

I’ve spent a large part of my career as a Developer working on Python, Java and Golang and have had my share of nightmares trying to debug a segfault here and a coredump there trying to work on C/C++ codebase in the part. Over the past year and a half, I’ve been working closely with Kubernetes in order maintain a custom fork of Kubernetes that we are deploying in production to cater to certain requirements of the Cisco DNA Center.

With that said, the technologies and the programming languages I am fluent with are not the only thing that defines me.

If the name of the blog did not make it clear, Yes, I am a Doctor Who fanatic and a true Whovian at heart. I am an ardent believer that comic books can actually help you become a better human and they are one of the best ways to communicate a socio-political view without hurting anyone’s feelings. I am a Theatre event photographer at my free time and I have an undying love for Monochrome Pictures.

Well, that is pretty much about me. Now that you know me a bit better and if you are in the mood for some technical blogs on the topics of Kubernetes, Python and Software Development in general, you might be in the right place. Please take a stroll through the pages and let me know your feedbacks and opinions.

Let there be coffee in your life and bugs in your code.


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